Best Racing Games for Android: Review and Downloads

Top Android Racing Games

Eager to know top Android racing games? Today’s era has witnessed famous movies like ‘Need for Speed’ and ‘Fast and Furious’ series. Watching those movies gives goosebumps and makes player to download racing games equaling that level of graphics and gameplay. Playstore hosts majority of racing games, but players are always in a quest for the impressive one. Here we enlist most recommended racing games from the toppers charts. Gadg8news has also listed some of the top games for Android, Windows Phone and iOS device. Make sure you follow them if you are using other smartphone.

Real Racing 3

The main frame of Real Racing 3 is the availability of more than 40 cars for the amazing gaming experience. Real Racing 3 offers real world like elements to pass from and will continue to amaze you throughout the gameplay. Makers have done a great job providing you optimum graphics and world details making sure you get the best gameplay.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 offers synchronized multiplayer wherein you can track your friend’s lap time and play with a Bot, running with similar lap time and of course the single player venture is worth playing too.  With maximum winning and more gameplay you can unlock or purchase high end cars, but make sure to go ease with your drive to avoid extra repair as it costs in terms of time as well as money. Real Racing 3 provides simpler yet elegant interface for the player as well as the performance factor makes it the winner from the other games in the market.

If you are new in the racing games, then there is an inbuilt driving assistance that will help you in steering, traction as well as braking. When in need of a new car, you can purchase it or upgrade your current car with the in-game cash acquired or earned from the levels and bonuses. You got to upgrade your car and its components, as the opponent’s car is definitely going to be tougher as you advance in the game. The tracks and cars are based on real names and graphics. As the game progresses you will come to know why Real Racing 3 has a big fan base and downloads, you won’t disappoint playing it. All in all it’s an amazing experience; the gameplay as well as the performance will give you long hours of playing time.

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Realistic Drift: Streets

Realistic Drift is a side scrolling game with high quality graphics and nerve wracking drifting sequences.

The Realistic Drift offers you tons of handling options like tilt, virtual buttons and other customization, making player comfortable for his ride. It features realistic sound with optimum real like graphics. The locations of the tracks are at different terrain like Speedway, Mountain, Dock and Tokyo. You can customize car and its components such as rims, rim colors and car color.

Realistic Drift Streets

All you have to do is finding proper timings amongst steering, accelerating and braking. If you are a fan of car or drifting simulators, than it is the most recommend game.

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These are few of the best and most famous Android racing games. They are very popular among the racing game fans. Have we missed adding your favorite Android racing games in this list?

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